TLDR: Here's the no-signup, no-login, free demo:

When I launched Wordflow in February I envisioned that we'd be a simple tool to generate low-quality news articles, but after a few months "out in the market", talking to customers, meeting new people, and rapidly developing this platform, I've realized Wordflow is so much more.

The models that we trained and the ones that supersede them have limitless applications for hobbyists and businesses alike.

That's why I'm happy to launch a new and free on-demand Wordflow Generator for writers and hobbyists a like.

Businesses can utilize GPT-2-esk models (particularly models we train in-house) to generate factual, credible, and reliable articles based on little input. Although most may not admit/realize it, a majority of content online is repetitive and instead of pumping up sensationalized, clickbait content, why not throw in a Wordflow-generated article that is made within seconds? Our articles are getting better at being more factual, coherent, and reliable. This allows content creators, writers, and media publications to keep their same rapid pace, but increase substantive and factual content for the cost of a little editing here and there to fix blemishes in our generated articles.

Weather reports, market reports, high school sports, promotional material, and anything and everything you can think of in regards to repetitive content, we can do. Admittedly, our models aren't what they can be, but by working closely with people we can tie the knot on generating repetitive and mundane content with AI. Our vision is for writers to work solely on getting the facts while we synthesize that into an article.

Asian markets in particular are desperately in need of tools like this – because bribery and disinformation campaigns are getting more prevalent from either government-control orgs or from the inherently flawed systems they have in place. Take India for example: in many parts, particularly rural parts, you can't get a good news article unless you pay them. Indian culture (particularly in the media industry) has bribery installed within in some cases, making fake news the norm. (See: Whatsapp rumors get violent, leading to deaths).

But we're not stopping here (although maybe I should've). We're going end-to-end with AI.